Frequently Asked Questions

Does my son or daughter have to join the military?

No. The cadet is not required to join the military after graduation.

Who can join?

Anyone can join by requesting it as an elective when choosing the classes at registration or during class sign-up in January/ February of each year.

What is taught in JROTC?

Cadets are taught discipline, leadership, and drill/ceremonies. They also learn about history, government, first aid, and more while in the classroom.

Do I have to pay for the uniform?

No, the uniform is given to cadets by the government. However, if a cadet loses their uniform, they are required to pay.

How often do I have to wear a uniform?

The Dreadnaught Battalion wears class B uniform every Tuesday. ACUs (Army Combat Uniforms) are optional on Fridays.

What are some physical requirements?

There are no minimum requirements for the class but if a cadet wishes to join a special team such as Raiders they must be physically fit.

How often do I have JROTC?

Cadets have JROTC everyday there is school. Mondays and Wednesdays cadets are in the class learning various subjects. Tuesday and Fridays cadets participate in a leadership lab where they conduct drill. Thursday, cadets conduct Physical Training (PT).