Battalion Positions

Battalion Commander (BC) At the battalion level, the chain of command begins at the Battalion Commander . The Battalion Commander is responsible for all battalion activities. They supervise, guide and direct the Battalion Staff Officers, Company Commanders, and Battalion CSM in insuring all activities and training are planned, coordinated and executed. This position is held by a Cadet Lieutenant Colonel.   

Battalion Executive Officer (XO) The Battalion Executive Officer is second in command and assumes the Battalion Commander’s responsibility in the Commander’s absence. The XO serves as the Chief of Staff; supervising and coordinating the efforts of the battalion staff in planning and coordination. This position is held by a Cadet Major.

Battalion Command Sergeant Major (CSM) The Command Sergeant Major is the principal advisor to the Commander on the state of morale, discipline, and training of cadets. They advise the Battalion Commander on planning, coordinating and supervising activities of the battalion. The CSM oversees the training and performance of the Battalion Color Guard. This position is held by a Cadet Command Sergeant Major.  

Battalion Administration Officer (S-1) The S-1 is the principal staff officer for all matters concerning human resources including personnel readiness, services, and headquarters management. They provide administrative support for the battalion and plans, organizes, and supervises the execution of battalion awards ceremonies, change of command ceremonies, commissioning ceremonies and social events. This position is held by a Cadet Captain.  

Battalion Intelligence and Security Officer (S-2) The S-2 supervises battalion physical security. He/She is responsible for providing terrain analysis, light and weather data, and threat information for battalion planning. This position is held by a Cadet Captain.

Battalion Training Officer (S-3) The S-3 is responsible for all matters concerning training, operations, and plans. They allocate resources to ensure the accomplishment of all missions. They prepare Operation Orders, training schedules, and memorandum to facilitate battalion training and operations. This position is held by a Cadet Major.  

Battalion Supply Officer (S-4) The S-4 is responsible for coordinating logistics, transportation, and services for the battalion. He/She coordinates receiving, distributing, and control of supplies and equipment for training. This position is held by a Cadet Captain.  

Battalion Public Affairs Officer (S-5) The S-5 is responsible for enhancing the relationships between the battalion and civil authorities.  He/She updates public information, internal information, community relations, written publications, photographs and related duties as required.  He/She is specifically responsible for written material, consolidation and publication of battalion newsletter, posting photos and videos to the battalion’s website and Facebook pages. This position is held by a Cadet Captain.  

Company Commanders Company Commanders are responsible for the training, discipline, and appearance of their company. They recommend job assignments or relief thereof. They insure that all company officers and non-commissioned officers (NCOs) are thoroughly familiar with drill regulations.  This position is held by a Cadet Captain.  

Company First Sergeant (1SG) The Company First Sergeant coordinates with the platoon sergeants to insure proper cadet training, supervision, and all cadets accountability at all times. He/She is responsible for the company when under their command when the Company Commander is not present.  The First Sergeant accomplishes the duties directed by the Company Commander, XO, or Army Instructor. This position is held by a Cadet First Sergeant.

Platoon Sergeant (PSG) The Platoon Sergeant is responsible for the training, counsel, discipline, and appearance of the cadets in their platoon. He/She take roll call (report) at all formations. This position is held by a Cadet Sergeant First Class.

Squad Leader (SQLDR) The Squad Leader is responsible for the discipline and appearance of their squad. They insure that cadets are thoroughly familiar with appropriate drill regulations. They are the main teachers within the battalion.

Cadets Cadets are responsible for living up to the highest standards of integrity, conduct, courtesy, loyalty, and personal appearance expected for all JROTC cadets. They are the face of the JROTC program and what they do reflects upon the program.